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Discover Prebid Booster Adapter

A server-side Adapter capable of optimising your yield while improving your performance!

A flexible and transparent alternative to platforms that fits into a cookieless world.

Increase inventory competition
by optimizing header bidding density


↗ partners

↗ competition

↗ opportunities

↗ yield

Boost your revenues
while improving your page performance
is now possible!

Add value to your inventories
by improving user exeperience



↗ speed on site

↗ user experience

↗ added value

↗ yield


↘ Less kB on devices


↗ Page loading speed


↘ Time out

Improve your AdStack performance
while freeing you from any tech dependency


Innovative Saas solution without any conflict of interest


Dashboards that allow a real time monitoring


Easy integration of new SSPs on a no-code platform


Implementation of custom features on request

Choose a European alternative
Safety & proximity

The best alternative to global platforms

Additionnal local monetization partners

Data protection & transparency


Made in France

Reduce your web advertising carbon footprint 
Take your company in the right direction!

Very low carbon footprint

Whatever the device / connection

Server-side technology

Free up your wraper

Ultra-light and fast framework

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